Gifts-in-kind – sometimes referred to as nonmonetary gifts and written as GIK – are of substantial value to KUNV Radio. Many times, donated items or services enhance KUNV’s mission without direct cost to the university. Gifts of this type may include specialized equipment for student and research use; audio collections for use in the KUNV Libraries; professional services generally budgeted as a broadcasting expense; and other nonmonetary items used in campus facilities, operations, or academic settings.

These gifts are often tax-deductible as donations to KUNV Radio and UNLV; however, gifts-of-service may be subject to different IRS tax regulations, and each gift is accepted and considered with this in mind. Before the university and KUNV Radio can accept a gift-in-kind, KUNV Radio and UNLV must ascertain that the type of gift is consistent with the mission and purposes of the institution:

  • Is it relevant to the work of KUNV Radio? As a general rule, only gifts that further the work of departments and programs at the university can be accepted.
  • Does the donor’s intent match the interests of the university and KUNV Radio?
  • Will the gift cost KUNV money in the future, such as maintenance, repair, or preservation costs?
  • Will the gift require a special facility in which to house it?
  • If the property cannot to be used within KUNV’s programming, will you allow it to be sold? In general, if you, as the donor, places a condition on the gift that it is not to be sold, the university cannot accept the gift.

In partnership with a member of the UNLV Foundation development team, there are a few guidelines to consider when submitting your documentation for a GIK:

  • All donations received are required to have a receipt or a memo listing the fair market value (FMV) of the donation.
  • Copies of all supporting materials – including letters, certificates, tickets, etc. – should be included as part of the donation for tracking and substantiation purposes.
  • A copy of the GIK forms should be kept for your records as well as provided to the UNLV Foundation for our accounting purposes.

Please note the material presented on KUNV or the UNLV website is not offered as legal or tax advice. Consult your personal tax advisor or attorney concerning the specific consequences of your gift.

If you have any questions about gifts-in-kind or gifts-of-service or have questions about how to give this type of gift, please call the UNLV Foundation at 702-895-3641.