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Saturday 7 – 7:30 a.m.

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What would the impact be on your life if you:

Join us every Saturday at 7am where we will discuss with passionate experts from around the globe the truth & clarity in cannabis.  Ask yourself these questions to uncover if this show is for you.  What would the impact be on your life if you: Laughed so big your cheeks ached and tears streamed down your face? Felt less back pain and discomfort in your body? Got a delicious night’s sleep? Opened up to talk more transparently with your partner? Faced some dark stuff and owned it to release it? (you know you’ve been hiding all that old mental baggage); Meditated in the astral (I promise I’ll meet you there). Tasted food like you’re tasting it for the first time. Enjoyed a night of intimacy that feels like you’re on the moon. Stared at a piece of art and literally became one with it! Felt water on your skin like a stream of love from heaven. Sat peacefully with yourself. Cried for no reason.  Slowed down or learned to JUST BE!

Welcome to the Future of Cannabis, My Name is Gia, and I’ll be your tour guide on this Journey!”

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